Trade fair for alternative drive vehicles (electric vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, others)

Section for electric motorcycles, electric bicycles

Recharging and refilling infrastructure, autonomous mobility, Smart Cities, accessories related to e-mobility, Start-up companies

Extensive media campaign; cooperation with PRIMA TV and the Autosalon show

Accompanying program for professional and general public - lectures, test drives, workshops

In 2022, the 4th edition will take place

Newly the e-TECHNOLOGY section = technologies and solutions for clean mobility

Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers of emission-free, wind, water, geothermal and biomass products and solutions

Providers of network infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy

Battery storage systems

Certification institutes

Research and development institutes

Statistics for the year 2021


Date: 11 - 14 November, 2021

Overall number of exhibitors: 81

Foreign exhibitors: 2

Total exhibitionspace (in sqm): 11,500

Net exhibition area (in sqm): 5,674

Number of journalists: 109

Number of visitors: 16,373



Statistics for the year 2019


Date: 14 - 17 November, 2019

Overall number of exhibitors: 104

Foreign exhibitors: 2

Total exhibitionspace (in sqm): 15,770

Net exhibition area (in sqm): 6,547

Number of journalists: 151

Number of visitors: 24,957


Statistics for the year 2018


Date: 15 - 18 November, 2018

Overall number of exhibitors: 80

Total exhibitionspace (in sqm): 17,450

Number of journalists: 174

Number of visitors: 22,833