1.        e-SALON
1.1.    Alternative drive vehicles (electric vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, others)
1.2.    Trucks, buses (electric, CNG, hydrogen, others)
1.3.    Utility vehicles (municipal and garden equipment)
1.4.    Other alternative fuel vehicles (motorcycles, electric bicycles, drones, gyroscopes, planes, others)
1.5.    Accessories related to mobility
1.6.    Carsharing
1.7.    Sale of used cars 
1.8.    Grants, legislation 
1.9.    Services (energy, financial services, leasing)
1.10.    Associations
1.11.    Professional and commercial media, publishers
        2.        e-TECHNOLOGY
2.1.    Energy companies
2.2.    Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers of emission-free, wind, water solutions
2.3.    Providers of network infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy
2.4.    Recharging and refilling infrastructure
2.5.    Battery storage systems
2.6.    Certification institutes
2.7.    Start-up companies
2.8.    Autonomous mobility, Smart Cities
2.9.    Research and development institutes
2.10.    Financial services
2.11.    Associations
2.12.    Professional and commercial media, publishers