The Kia automobile company has announced completion of the development of the technology of the setting of capacity parameters on the basis of the pairing of a smartphone with an electric car. This means that the driver will be able to adapt key functions through an application installed in the smartphone.

It will be possible to set seven capacity parameters: the highest torque of the electric motor, functions of ignition, acceleration and deceleration, regenerative braking intensity, maximum speed limit, response and use of energy for the air conditioning system. The new technology will make it possible to download one’s own profile from the server and to subsequently use one’s own user settings in the electric car. 

The process, however, does not end with the driver’s seat. Users can share their own settings on an online basis and can try specific settings of other users. Customers can apply also default settings recommended by the car manufacturing company, depending on the condition of roadways, from rural roads to city centres and mountain paths. The application offers also optimised settings for a given destination on the basis of the analysis of the remaining distance and energy consumption requirements.

By encryption against data leakage

The Kia automobile company will use the blockchain technology to secure user settings during the time when they are being sent and shared on a server. While sending and sharing its own settings, the system encrypts key capacity parameters in the network in such a way that it creates new data blocks and stores them in a distributed data storage area, whereby it prevents any unauthorised handling of data.

Kia plans introduction of 16 new electrified models by 2025, including five hybrids (HEV), five plug-in hybrids (PHEV), five electric cars (EV) and one fuel cell model (FCEV). The technology will be gradually implemented in all future models of the brand with an alternative drive.